How To Make Your Bedroom Look More Spacious

After a hard day of work, you must be exhausted from  dealing with tons of tasks and problems. In that case, Your bedroom will be a place for you to relax and ease your mind and body. A spacious and airy bedroom is the ideal option for you to restore your energy  However, not everyone gets to experience such a thing . Your bedroom may be stuffy because of its size or the number of furniture it contains. Following these tips and they will show you how to make your bedroom more spacious.

Color And Light Are The Essences In Decorating A Small Bedroom

Choose the color that brings freshness and comfort to your bedroom. meanwhile, Avoid dark colors and utilize natural light. Light  colors will help to erase the appearance of walls and make space seem to be extended, so white or pastel colors are the best options for your bedroom.

A moderate-sized bedroom can’t be equipped with furniture or ornaments that have dark colors. Crucial  parts of bedroom like curtains, pillows, bed sheets should also come in light shade . Our recommendation is minimalism. It means that you should use bedroom objects that are multifunctional, neat and simple.

Moreover, sunlight will brighten up your bedroom. Make sure that natural light easily lightens your bedroom through windows or balcony doors. Hence, you should choose pressure sustaining glass windows instead of wooden or metal windows.

Furniture Should Be Simple And Useful

Architectural experts give a bit of advice that you ought to consider using furniture that can be placed at the corners of your bedroom so as to take full advantage of the bedroom’s size. Furthermore, placing furniture properly will create airiness in your bedroom.

Besides, multifunctional and flexible furniture is should be taken into account. For example, chairs or desks that can be foldable or hung in the wall, they won’t take up much space in your bedroom. These things can be cleared out of the way instantly in certain cases, giving you all the space you can possibly have.

A closet is also an ideal option for your bedroom. It is effective in terms of storing your clothes and still not occupy too much space in the room. Turning the spare space under the bed into the chest of drawers is an absolute way to save the space of your bedroom. Closets and appropriate shelves will change the look of the room, and it will seem to be larger.

Using Mirrors For Decoration

Almost all apartments for sale on the market now are using mirrors as a method to expand the space of the bedroom. No one can deny the necessity of mirrors. You use mirrors whenever you want to dress up formally or just look at yourself in the mirror. In  a small room, the mirror seems to double its size thanks to the reflection.

Sophisticatedly crafted mirrors are choices for decoration, they will light up your bedroom. However, bear in mind that mirrors should not be hung or placed at the opposite position to the bed because it can interrupt the affection between you and your partner.

Sometimes, you may find it awkward because of actions reflected on the mirrors. In addition, according to some myths, placing mirrors opposite to the bed is the way to bring bad luck and call for evil spiritual creatures.

Keep Things Wisely Arranged In Your Bedroom

Get rid of, all the redundant objects. Because the bedroom is the private area for us, we are inclined to throw out our kinds of stuff anywhere in the bedroom. This is one of the key reasons why our bedroom looks more cramped and more stuffy.

The tip to solve this problem is to clean up your unnecessary items. Put them in closet, drawers or on the shelves. Besides, you should tidy up your bedroom weekly. Remember to keep things that you need for your daily routine, anything that is not really helpful  has to be disposed of.


In conclusion , we can say that how your bedroom looks depending much on how carefully you arrange it. Although your bedroom has a medium size, you can extend it by throwing away needless stuff and choosing the  furniture that is multifunctional and easy to put away.

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